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BetaDos 3.12

MetaDOS system by Ronald Andersson.

BetaDOS is a new MetaDOS implementation and was created February 1998 by Ulf Ronald Andersson. It is compatible with all known multitask systems based on MiNT or MagiC, and includes a filesystem driver which gives TOS users access to a 'unified' drive similar to how U: is used by both MiNT and MagiC. BetaDOS contains many improvements over MetaDOS but is 100% compatible with Atari MetaDOS 2.70, and also with ExtenDOS, so BOS and DOS files used with MetaDOS or ExtenDOS may also be used with BetaDOS.

Version 3.12 was assembled on March 8 in 2003. It is still Freeware...


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