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Comes from the book "Scheibenkleister - Massenspeicher am Atari"


CBHD is initially only a hard disk driver. On closer inspection however, he has some additional features:

  • integrate (Z to C) of up to 24 partitions
  • partitions on removable disks and are in need of registered.
  • The SCSI routines of CBHD be as SCSI drivers passed out
  • full standard for SCSI-2 when accessing the SCSI devices:
    • End target is controlled
    • Receives all the messages of the SCSI devices
    • Arbitration and Initiator Identification
  • support and automatic detection of ALIA host adapter
  • support and automatic detection of ICD-host adapter
  • Boot from any drive
  • free choice of partitions include
  • boot partition as a function of its own SCSI ID of computer available
  • Background Transfer MagiC


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