Floppy disk shutter replacement

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Following are extracted from Atari Forum posting:

From user daeghnao post

  1. look at the shutter end of the disk case, in the area that the shutter slides into when it opens.
  2. find the end of the small spring and lever it out towards you with a fingernail or some fine needle-nosed pliers. Don't lose it! (I have a stash in a box somewhere) Note the little notch and tab on the slider that the spring pushes against.
  3. The slider should now slide freely. Move it to the "closed" position, and gently slide it to the "open" position while also pulling away from the centre of the disk. It should click a little as it comes away, and depending on the way it's built it might scrape slightly, but it should come off.
  4. Before doing anything else with the slider, inspect it for any bending, and straighten it out if necessary. If you go too far, though, your slider will end up too stiff to slide well and it'll put some extra pressure on the drive mechanics.
  5. Push the slider back on in the "open" position and then slide it across to the "closed" position to snap back in.
  6. Once it's in place, get the spring and push one end back in to push on the tab on the slider.
  7. Using the other end of the spring, feed the round spring part into the body of the disk and then let the end snap into place back where you first pulled it out.

From user X3peri_MENTaL post
To help further help on steps 5-7 above.

Reattaching the spring
  1. Anchor one side of the spring back into the edge of the disk.
  2. Put slider partially on, then place other edge of spring against tab/catch on slider.
  3. Now push slider vertically down so that it sits on disk properly. The spring should now be trapped/attached at both ends.
  4. All that remains is to push the spring 'coil' (which is effectively inverted) back inside the disk casing. A gentle downward push should see it disappear into the disk.
  5. The shutter should now be spring loaded again

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