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HD Driver by Uwe Seime

Full information about HD Driver can be found at his support site: [1]

A brief synopsis of it's features: The most prominent features of HDDRIVER and HDDRUTIL

  • Supports all Ataris, the Milan, the CT060, the Suska-III-C board, MagiCMac and MagicPC as well as Aranym and Hatari. For MagiCMac and * MagicPC the SCSI Driver by Steffen Engel is required. Note: Under MagiCMac and MagiCPC only install SCSIDRV, but not CBHD.
  • Driver for Atari SH/Megafile, SCSI-2/3, IDE and ATAPI drives, SATA drives with IDE-to-SATA adapter.
  • Works with all kinds of hard disk drives and removable media drives (MOD, PD, DVD-RAM, SyQuest, Nomai, ZIP, JAZ, LS-120, SSD, CF and SD adapters, ...).
  • Support for drives up to 2048 GiB (2 TiB). SCSI drives with a capacity > 1 GiB connected to an Atari ST or STE require an ICD compatible SCSI host adapter, e. g. the LINK97.
  • Support for 2 IDE ports (4 IDE/ATAPI/SATA devices) with the Hades and the Milan.
  • Special functions (Auto-Sleep, Auto-Park, password protection) for ZIP and JAZ drives.
  • Automatic and secure recognition of media changes.
  • Support for DOS/Windows compatible media guarantees an easy data exchange between TOS, DOS/Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.
  • DOS/Windows compatible partitioning (including FAT32) with the Atari.
  • TOS/Windows compatible partitioning for data exchange with Ataris and other platforms without any additional software.
  • VFAT or FAT32 partitions (long filenames, virtually unlimited partition size) with MagiC or MiNT.
  • With MiNT access to Linux partitions, resulting in an easy data exchange between TOS and Linux.
  • With MagiC or MiNT 23 partitions or more at the same time.
  • Non-blocking SCSI and ACSI data transfers with MagiC. Applications keep on running in the background while data are being transferred.
  • Reconstruction of partitions in case the root sector was corrupted.
  • Loading and saving of complete drive or partition data (image files).
  • Complete or partial copying of media.
  • Compatible with the XHDI standard 1.30, with support for all optional functions.
  • Compatible with the SCSI Driver standard 1.01 for accessing SCSI, IDE and ATAPI peripherals (CD/DVD-ROM, CD/DVD burners, scanner, streamer etc.) with appropriate third-party drivers, including SCSI target interface.
  • Write protection for particular partitions and for boot and root sectors.
  • SCSI initiator identification and bus arbitration ensures highest compatibility with the SCSI standard.
  • Error statistics
  • Boot partition selection by pressing a key.
  • Arbitrary device order
  • Settings of SCSI and ATAPI devices can be changed, e. g. the cache settings.
  • The HDDRIVER package includes several useful tools.
  • All programs are bilingual (German and English).

Note to Afterburner, Hades, Medusa

Note: Afterburner, Hades, Medusa and SatanDisk/UltraSatan are not officially supported, but HDDRIVER has been tested successfully with them. Those using this hardware should try the demo version first. The same applies when using adapters for SATA drives and SD/CF cards because the quality of these adapters and their compatibility to the respective standards is not always satisfactory.


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