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The NVRAM chip contains a battery cell that after time ceases to function. In most cases this will mean that your Falcon will no longer keep the correct time in day-to-day use. Since the NVRAM chip also stores other settings as well this can also cause problems with the Falcon failing to boot in some instances.

Unfortunately the NVRAM chip is not socketed and is soldered directly to the board. This leaves two options, either desolder the chip (which can often prove problematic on several of the pins) to replace it with a socket and compatible Dallas chip or mod the existing NVRAM chip with a Dremel and attach a small 3v external replaceable cell (as shown below)


1. Locate the NVRAM chip

2. Align a ruler along the chip and gently Dremel two small channels at approx 10mm and 21mm until you reach the metal contacts inside

3. Obtain a 3v cell (CR2032 or CR2025) and solder to contacts (Red wire is negative, Brown wire is positive)