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SPIN! is a MetaDOS-BOS drivers and a MiNT & MagiC XFS for CD-ROM file system.

SPIN! is a driver package for CD-ROMs, currently consisting of the MiNT-XFS SPIN.XFS (eXtended File System), the MagiC-SPIN-XFS MAGX.XFS and the MetaDOS-BOS SPIN_SD.BOS driver, turn on the SCSIDRV the interface by Steffen Engel.

Currently it supports:

  1. ISO9660 Level 1 (the "normal" format)
  2. ISO9660 with "long" name (for example, is Amiga CD Used)
  3. ISO9660 with Rock Ridge extensions (of these extensions However only a portion analyzed)
  4. ISO9660 with Apple extensions (Resourcefork, Type and Creator)
  5. ISO9660/Joliet: the Windows-95-format, the transformation of the Unicode characters in file names is not yet tests)
  6. Macintosh HFS
  7. Audio CD (requires audio Level-2-driver (BOS drivers))

SPIN! does not own any routines to access the drive. Instead, the existence of a Level-2-driver (MetaDOS-BOS Driver) provided. This strict separation makes it possible for SPIN! with any existing Level-2-driver combinations.


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