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DIY Stuff you can do your Atari hardware !!

Atari Chips

  • Add a Blitter chip to your STFM - Procedure to add a Blitter chip to your STFM
  • DMA Fix - Procedure to potentially fix hard disk problems caused by a buggy DMA chip in STFM's and STE's
  • Dallas RTC - Simple procedure to add a Real Time Clock internally to STE rom socket
  • NVRAM - Battery mod for original Falcon NVRAM chip (without removing the chip)
  • NVRAM by Maeslin - Battery mod for Falcon NVRAM (remove chip and replace with new circuit board with replaceable battery)
  • NVRAM by Black Cat Hardware - Battery mod for Falcon NVRAM (remove chip and replace with socket and new circuit/chip board with replaceable battery)

Atari Graphics

Atari Hard disk interface

Atari Power Supplies

Atari Floppy disk interface

Atari Input/Output Interfaces

Atari Processor

Atari Sound

Atari TOS

  • STE TOS Upgrade - Explains how to upgrade to TOS 2.06 and how to use have a dual or quad TOS ROM

Atari Memory

Atari Keyboard

Atari Joystick

Atari Clock

Mouse Adapters

Disk Duplicating Hardware


  • Null Modem Cable - Diagrams to connect your ST to another ST/E, Mega STE, Spectrum, Z88, Mac Plus, Apple 2, Amiga, 8-bit Atari, BBC-B or Mega to Mega

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